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The FineTouch Brand

Not all printing paper is created equal, and this much is easy to see once you start using the FineTouch brand over any other brand out there on the market. So what makes FineTouch that much better or different? Read on to find out why you should only shop for Professional Plotter Technologies’ FineTouch media.

The experience behind the brand is unbeatable

The team behind the FineTouch brand has over 10 years of experience in wide format printing, so it’s clear they really know what they are doing and how to do it better. You can visit their showroom to find out just how knowledgeable the Professional Plotter Technology team truly is.

Their product range is extensive

Once you find a brand you love and can trust you want to use that brand for all of your various printing needs. With the FineTouch brand, you can do just this. They have over 60 media products on their roster ranging from clear film to graphic tack removable fabric. Needless to say, once you fall in love with one product from their line you’re sure to fall in love with another.

If you buy FineTouch, you’re buying local

It is so important to support the community in which you live, which is exactly what you would be doing by shopping for FineTouch products. Though PPT is nation wide, it is an Austin based business. Stacked with a team of experts. The folks behind the brand (Professional Plotter Technologies) poured their knowledge, passion and expertise into the product line.

The product quality cannot be matched
Because the brand is directly attached to the company’s name, you know that the products are topnotch—why would they soil their name or reputation by putting out sub-par products? You can trust the products and the people who create them, which is integral when printing your content.