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Tech Tips For Vehicle Wrapping

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Tips For Vehicle Wrapping

Vehicle wrapping has proven itself to be one of the easiest ways to advertise while using a company car to get from place to place. When applied onto a car, a plain-looking vehicle quickly turns into a colorful, eye-catching work of art and billboard that lets the world know that your company is professional, successful, and open for business. If you have made the decision to design your own car wrap, congrats! Here are some great tips for vehicle wrapping design and installation.

  • You will need to get the basic template of your vehicle – or at the very least, one close to it – in order to start. A standard vehicle template for your car can be gotten from the car’s manufacturer, from a vehicle wrap manufacturer, or even from certain sites. We suggest getting the most true-to-form template you can get.
  • A vehicle wrap has to be designed in layers, if you are doing the design work through Adobe Illustrator. Every layer covers a different section of the vehicle. There’s a layer for the bumper, a layer for the door, etc. You also will need to have a layer that shows what the car will look like overall.
  • Think of how it will look when it’s printed. You have to keep the design geared towards what it will look like when the car is in motion, or when other drivers see it on the road or in a parking lot.
  • Your design will look best with bright colors and a single focus point. Both elements will give your design an extra eye-catching element. You want the vehicle wrapping to attract a lot of attention, and also draw their eyes to points where your business’s name will end up being displayed.
  • Colors are awesome, but text isn’t. Have you ever tried to read a bunch of text on a moving car? It’s not always easy. Keep text to a minimum. Your company’s name, phone number, and a couple of other words is more than enough. Similarly, busy-looking car wraps tend to do the car owner a disservice.
  • If you are doing this in Illustrator, keep in mind the following major caveats. This file is going to be massive, since it’s going to be done in 720dpi. You also are going to have to watch corners of your wrapping. You can only wrap your car in 52-inch wide sections at a time, and there is a chance that corners can warp if you stretch a vinyl wrap around your car too tightly, so placing major details on corners and edges is not advisable.
  • We highly suggest getting a professional to install the vehicle wrap. It just comes out better that way.
  • If you do want to install the wrapping yourself, make sure to tape the sections of the wrap to your car before you remove the backing. You want to make sure that everything looks alright, and also sits on the car like it’s supposed to. You also will need to remove wiper blades and mirrors that may force you to cut the wrap.
  • Have some good tools in hand for your installation, and read the guide for your vehicle wrap installation. Most vehicle wrap companies add a small guide for first time installers, and you’d be wise to read it. Before you install everything, make sure you have a squeegee, a pin to pop air bubbles, and a couple of extra hands to help stretch the material over your car. First time installers should opt for a dry installation, since it makes the job much easier.
  • Heat the film if it’s having a hard time conforming to your car’s shape. The cool thing about vinyl vehicle wrapping is that it becomes more pliable with a little heat. And, a little heat goes a long way. Even so, you have to try to avoid stretching the film too much.
  • Good vehicle wrappers will work best on cars that are not dinged or dented. Small differences in the shape of your car can make a huge difference in how the wrap looks. If you can, take out the dings and dents in your company car before you get a wrapper on it.
  • Take care when wrapping windows. Many states will not allow vehicle wrappers to cover windows. Double check with your local laws before you get a car wrapper with window covers. If you do wrap your windows, remember to use one-way visibility.

The good news is that there are many vehicle wrapping material manufacturers that make it easy for you to design your own vehicle wraps. Many companies also offer easy printing, and good rates on installation. No matter which route you choose, it’s important to remember to print your vehicle wrap on a high quality vinyl template, using quality inks.