What is the difference between shooting photographs in automatic vs. manual?

Manual mode refers to the settings on your camera that allows you to manually control aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Together, these three elements combine to effect the exposure of your photographs (how light or dark they may be), which in turn impacts the general appearance—and sometimes quality—of your photos.   The difference between shooting your photographs [...]

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What is F-Stoppers?

When it comes to the amount of photography terms, tricks and tips, it can be easy to get lost and confused—especially if you are an amateur or casual photographer. Today, it’s time to dive into what F-stoppers is—and no, it is not reffering to f-stops, which is a technical terms. F-stoppers is an online organization [...]

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The Professional Association for Design

Here at PPT, we have been proud, longtime supporters of AIGA (The Professional Association for Design). Their mission to bring design to the greater world and also to bring the world to designers is one that fosters the right creative environment.   One of the most exciting and engaging aspects of AIGA is that they [...]

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Amateur Photography Tips

              Admit it: the idea of being a professional photographer is an enticing idea. What could be better than telling stories through beautiful photos? You do not have to be a certified professional photographer to make your dreams a reality, but you should know some basic photography tips to [...]

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Different types of photo paper

Much of the general population likely assumes the only type of photo paper is the kind from the one-hour printers from places like pharmacies and convenience stores. However, the reality is much different and way more varied. For example, there are many commonly used types of photo paper including glossy finish, matte finish, luster finish [...]

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Shooting in Black and White

              There is just something about a black and white picture. The color scheme seems to make everything about the photo classier, chicer and generally more special. But did you know there are certain steps you can take to specifically improve your black and white photography skills? If you [...]

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The FineTouch Brand

Not all printing paper is created equal, and this much is easy to see once you start using the FineTouch brand over any other brand out there on the market. So what makes FineTouch that much better or different? Read on to find out why you should only shop for Professional Plotter Technologies’ FineTouch [...]

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Own The Process: Why in-house printing is integral to owning the process

It’s no secret that printing can be quite pricey, which is why many photographers turn to third parties to process prints. For many photographers—both amateur and professional, the thought of dropping major money on an at-home printer is a daunting option, and therefore many end up continuing to send their [...]

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Plotter Pro Teams up with The National Forest Foundation Austin, TX (May 2017) FineTouch is the house branded, private label media introduced by Professional Plotter Technologies / Plotter Pro, to meet the needs of their growing customer base. Taking care of the environment has never been more important. Here at Professional Plotter Technology, we strive [...]

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latest promotions – September 2016

Check out our latest promotions ZERO percent financing is back for all imagePROGRAF models. NEW Instant Rebates on imagePROGRAF PRO Series. Increased iPF Printer Rebate on L Series models. Pass thru Bundle Rebate - iPF6450 + SU-21 Spectrophotometer End User Rebate - $1,200 on iPF9400 Ask about our "MatchPro" Price guarantee! We beat any advertised price and [...]

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