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The new generation of SmartLF SC 42 large format scanners encompass many new innovative features that will help make your production scanning quicker and easier. With higher quality imaging, higher scanning speed and SuperSpeed data transfer, the SmartLF SC 42 provides fast, high quality scans or copies of wide format maps, site plans, engineering drawings – See more at:

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SmartWorks Pro SCAN & COPY software – industry leading, professional scanning and color-copying software
SmartWorks Pro SCAN software – industry leading, professional scanning software

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SingleSensor Technology The new SingleSensordigital imaging technology for the SmartLF SC 42 large format scanners is a Colortrac invention (Patent pending). By combining contact image sensors (CIS) in a robust, single-piece design, Colortrac has been able to obtain significantly higher optical quality and alignment stability. 50,400 short image path sensors and a custom designed bi-directional LED lighting arrangement work together to reduce optical errors to a minimum ensuring that all scan and copy data is of the highest possible color and dimensional accuracy. Shadow effects of folds in creased documents are also reduced by the innovative active pressure roller which gently presses the document against the SingleSensor. SmartLF SC 42 uses “instant-on” low energy technology and is Energy Star qualified. The scanner is manufactured to meet or exceed all relevant safety and electrical standards. Larger Document Staging Area The new design incorporates a larger face-upstaging platform to make loading documents into the scanner faster and easier. SC 42 is the first Colortrac scanner designed specifically to auto-size documents face-up in the centre of the scanner, a change which helps the operator to see what they are scanning and also to load creased documents more effectively. For documents conforming to standard drawing sheet sizes (manual mode) the scanner can accept media in the center of the platform or at the side. An included magnetic paper guide accessory can be used to maximise side margin accuracy where required. With a straight-through paper path the SC 42 has a maximum media width of 44” (1117mm) and scans documents and maps up to 0.08″ (2 mm) in thickness. This is more than enough to meet the requirements of AEC, CAD, GIS and the majority of work done by copyshop or service bureaux. Dynamic Document Feed SmartLF SC 42 SingleSensorallows the use of a simplified arrangement of rollers to ensure that the document always stays in contact with the optics. Driven rollers either side of the optical path and an active soft pressure roller running the full length of the SingleSensor allow the scanner to dynamically respond and actively work against the optical disturbances caused by document lift and paper creasing. This technology ensures that delicate or fragile media such as newspaper and old blueprints can be safely and accurately scanned without problem. SuperSpeed PC Interface The SmartLF SC 42 is the first large format scanner to incorporate the new SuperSpeed USB 3.0 digital interface. With a dramatic x10 increase in the internal data transfer rates, the new USB 3.0 interface works at up to 5Gb/sec. In terms of speed of scan data saved to the computer this represents more than double the previous rate of 28MB/sec (USB2) to 65 -85 MB/sec for USB3 depending on computer manufacturer. SuperSpeed USB 3.0 is unique to Colortrac and allows the SmartLF SC 42 scanner to work at full speed using higher resolutions on wider documents than ever before. For those without a USB3 equipped computer SmartLF SC 42 enhanced USB2 circuitry achieves a 25% improvement in data speed (35MB/sec) above the previously recognised industry average transfer rate of 28MB/sec for a normal USB2 equipped pc. Higher data transfer gives the SmartLF SC 42 operator the freedom to scan wider and at higher resolutions without affecting productivity. If you have large amounts of archiving then SmartLF SC 42 is the perfect solution. 1200dpi optical with 2400dpi maximum resolution 42in image width for B0, A0, ANSI E and ARCH E-size documents down to A4/A-size NEW SuperSpeed USB3.0 providing up to 85 MBytes/sec data transfer NEW Magnetic document edge guide for easier location and more positive document loading NEW Scanner Display showing actual scan document width BEFORE THE SCAN STARTS NEW SmartWorks EZ Touch SCAN/COPY/EMAIL software included as standard High speed scans in monochrome, grayscale and color Sharp, fine image detail – superb black & white scan-once capture system SingleSensor technology with extra long-life, instant-on Bi-directional illumination Colortrac designed ClearView lighting system using 144 switchable red/green/blue LEDs Clean black & white images – excellent grayscale capture On-site upgrade from monochrome to Color or Express Color Reliable paper feed from advanced full width single driven Hold-up Roller Scans media up to 0.08in / 2.0mm – suits ALL technical documents Fast, high quality scans from power-on, no warm-up, no waiting! Low maintenance, low environmental impact, Energy Star qualified

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