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The Professional Association for Design

Here at PPT, we have been proud, longtime supporters of AIGA (The Professional Association for Design). Their mission to bring design to the greater world and also to bring the world to designers is one that fosters the right creative environment.


One of the most exciting and engaging aspects of AIGA is that they regard design as multifaceted and diverse. They endeavor to advance design in the professional sense, the strategic sense and, perhaps most importantly, the cultural sense. Without design, what would the world and its societies look like? It is hard to imagine a world devoid of design as anything but sorrowful and uninspired.


The global reach of AIGA is possible because of the people who make it up and the force they provide. In the world of design, AIGA is known to be both the oldest and largest professional membership organization. To put this into perspective, AIGA is 70 chapters wide and more than 25,000 members deep. There is no denying the humanity at the foundation of the group is the reason for its longstanding success. Better yet, designers from all backgrounds and skill levels are welcomed in with open arms—there are no barriers to sharing the love and power of design.


So know that you know exactly who they are, you need to know just what they do. One of the biggest missions of AIGA is to make sure society understands the intrinsic value of design and how designers are important members of various industries and practices.


Moreover, AIGA encourages professional development for designers and serves as a tool for networking and education. Another educational component comes in the form of their desire to inspire the larger community by impressive design and illuminating minds. They do so by hosting events and programs to encourage the celebration of design.


Without the guiding presence of AIGA, the design community would not be so robust, celebrated and inspiring as it is today. Visit to find the chapter closest to you and to explore the magic that is the organization. Start getting connected with your fellow artists and designers today to start helping AIGA on this mission tomorrow.


You can also follow them on social media, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. In this way you can access the vast network of designers and design enthusiasts from anywhere in the world at anytime of the day. There is no right time for design except for all of the time.