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Memjet Helps Label Printer Bring Business In-House

Hub Labels doubled their capacity with @memjet while running leaner than beforeClick To Tweet – Powered By CoScheduleTHE SITUATION
Hub Labels wanted a digital printer that was more than a glorified copy machine. They wanted a true digital press—one that would enable them to bring more digital work in-house.

Hub Labels retrofitted an existing press platform with IPT’s JFLEX 870 powered by Memjet, enabling them to reduce setup time, print faster, and recuperate outsourced business.

The Memjet platform fit existing machinery Hub Labels had slated to be removed from the plant, giving the equipment a second life and saving Hub Labels reinvestment dollars.
Since incorporating Memjet technology, Hub Labels has recuperated 80 percent of their outsourced artwork.
Originally skeptical about the quality, Hub Labels was impressed with the sharpness of the graphics and the consistently good quality.
Hub Labels doubled their capacity, while running leaner than before.
Hub Labels saves time and money otherwise spent on line work and preparing plates.
Memjet’s green technology offering aligns with Hub Labels’ commitment to environmentally responsible printing.
The company is now able to print short runs with variable data, which is especially beneficial for prototyping.
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