Take Control of Your Print Costs with FlexPRO Managed Print Services

We help customers understand their overall cost of print by performing a print audit, then developing an optimized print infrastructure. We look at the print from the perspective of what’s right for each customer, large or small.

Go Green, Reduce Energy Consumption

Set Rules, Prevent Unnecessary Printing

Improved Support, Reduce burden on IT

Save More, Control Predictable Monthly Cost

Print Less
Save More

Upgrade to the latest and greatest technology at any time, purchase at any time, or simply return the equipment. A small usage fee, billed per square foot or per page only for what you use when you use it includes all your paper, inks, maintenance, parts, labor, shipping cost, backup printing if your unit goes down and a supplies/service monitoring software app insures you to never Run Out of Ink or Supplies!

Cost Reduction
Live Tech Support
Payment Terms Available

Set Rules. Go Green.

With our software you have the ability to set up rules on what is allowed to print from workstations. 

i.e “don’t print E-mails in color” rule alone has proven to reduce color ink and toner cost by 30%* & “don’t print E-mails, period” brings even more savings, not only to your organization but also the environment!

Turn Your Printing Into Profit

With our automated print and job cost recovery*, reimbursable billing, or often called bill back, we turn your printing into profit! We can automate your job-based printing and customize your billing to the client and tie it into your accounting package.