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FlexPro Managed Print Services from Professional Plotter Technology Corp

According to the analyst firm Gartner, the last great area of uncontrolled costs for most companies is print. Research shows that between one and three percent of a company’s annual revenue is spent on print and imaging-related activities.
An effective MPS program can reduce printing costs by up to 30 percent.
Does Your Company Have Uncontrolled Print Issues?
Do you procure devices, services, and consumables from multiple vendors?
Does your company print without regard to cost?
Do you have a printer to employee ratio of 1:4 or less?
Does your company prefer personal, non-networked devices to workgroup printers?
Are your energy costs high?
All are typical examples of uncontrolled print issues.

Print Less and Lower Your Costs
Finding the right company to help you manage and reduce print costs is important. PPT helps customers understand their overall cost of print by performing a print audit, then developing an optimized print infrastructure. We look at the print from the perspective of what’s right for each customer, large or small.
PPT has hundreds of Partner locations around the world and relationships with major vendors like HP, Canon, Epson, Océ, Xerox, and others. However, we believe efficient MPS is not about selling more hardware or software, but about providing an excellent service. We have the expertise and independence to offer you the right hardware and the best support. No other competitor can say the same.

Why FlexPro MPS?
Managed Print Services reduces the high cost of print, decreases your IT support burden, and facilitates access to innovative new print technologies. Implement an MPS program and:

  • Manage Your Costs
  • Improve your green practices, thereby reducing energy expenses
  • Set Rules to engage and restrict your workforce from printing unnecessary and wasteful prints*
  • Create predictable monthly costs
  • Improve Support
  • Minimize IT support burden
  • Get local support with our Nationwide local support network
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Simplify Document Management
  • Optimize hardware infrastructure so that it evolves as your needs change
  • Customize hardware integration from virtually any manufacturer
  • Streamline vendor management: move from dozens to one
  • Automate replenishment of consumables
  • Make accounting more efficient and consolidate reporting
  • The results of an effective MPS program are many:
  • Higher employee-to-machine ratio
  • Easy access to cutting-edge technology
  • Reduced consumption of consumables, energy
  • Decreased IT print-support burden
  • Decreased print-related vendors
  • Responsive, proactive support
  • 30% cost reduction with managed print service

Predictability & Value

Visibility. You benefit from regularly-scheduled invoicing, allowing clear visibility of total costs and enabling you to accurately budget for your office printing needs.
All-in-one cost per page. With all of your supplies and services included in a fixed price per page, you don’t need to worry about print area coverage or hidden costs involved in printing your documents.

Why Professional Plotter Technology FLexPRO For MPS:

We Understand the Unique Needs of the Industry
That’s because no other company has as much experience providing document solutions to the industry as PPT does.

FlexPRo MPS from PPT offers unique benefits to our customers:

Not your average Lease.

With our FlexPro program, you have full control and flexibility. With FlexPRO you have the ability to upgrade to the latest and greatest technology at any time, purchase at any time, or simply end the agreement and return the equipment, you can also add devices or software or if your industry or printing needs decrease, simply reduce your fleet or trade the current equipment for more affordable equipment and services. All products available with one vendor rather it be Cloud storage, PC’s, plotters, Copiers, scanners, smart boards, Corporate projectors and displays, or desktop printers we have you covered in all aspects of business IT solutions.

With FlexPRO you get Real-Time support and supplies monitoring, rules-based printing* and notifications. With our Support assistant software your entire fleet is monitored for any issues or errors with notifications sent to our support team or yours. Supplies monitoring also monitors your supplies levels and will also notify our supplies ordering department.

Turn your Printing into Profit

With our automated print cost recovery*, reimbursable billing, or often called bill back, We turn your printing into profit! We can automate your job-based printing and customize your billing to the client and tie it into your accounting package.


  • Not tied to any particular manufacture equipment or contact. upgrade or downgrade anytime.
  • All inks, toners, paper, support and supplies can be rolled into one easy low monthly bill
  • Included all your print and scan devices under one vendor with industry-leading experience. Wide format printer leasing, Office Copier leasing, Scanner leasing
  • Proven to reduce print cost by 30-40%
  • Little or no upfront cost
  • One vendor one bill
  • Pay for only what you use with the flexible billing at one simple low cost per click or square foot cost. If you print 500 pages one month and only 200 the next you only are billed for that amount in that month.
  • Tax breaks with full ability to expense all the cost, and no need to mess with section 179 or needing to depreciate the assets at the end of the year.
  • 30 Day out, yes you can opt out at any time just give us 60 days notice and buy out the solution ro we simply pick it up and billing stops.
  • No more overstocked and wasted supplies that expire and lose value costing business thousands per year. Let us monitor your inventory for you with same-day delivery when available.
  • Always up program- if in the unlikely event your equipment is ever down you have full access to our national network of print shops and reprographers at the same low FlexPro rate just send your files over we print them and send same day or next day overnight depending on location.
  • 12,24,36,48, and 60 month FlexPro payment terms with 30 day out available
  • With our software you have the ability to set up rules on what is allowed to print from workstations, i.e “don’t print E-mails in color” rule alone has proven to reduce color ink and toner cost by 30%*

What’s Included:

  • Delivery set up and training
  • All labor, parts, and support with a 4 hr response time
  • Unlimited 24/7 live tech support
  • All paper, inks, supplies including maintenance items
  • FREE shipping
  • Support and supplies assistant software with remote management real-time error and supplies level monitoring with notifications.
  • Always up program- If equipment goes down we will print for you at the same low rate.

*rules-based printing, bill back or reimbursable billing, and print retrieval is an add-on

Find out how PPT can offer your firm the same cost savings and efficiency benefits it delivers to the biggest names.
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The Value:
For most companies, one area of uncontrolled costs remains and it’s largely invisible: print. It’s estimated that companies spend 1 to 3% of their annual revenue on print-related activities.
In fact, companies typically spend $2,700 per employee annually on direct printing expenses. So if your company has 10 employees, that equals $27,000 per year. If you have 100 employees, you will spend $270,000 on print-related costs.
Let us help you print less and print smarter
Ninety percent of companies don’t track their printing, meaning they have limited insight into how much they are printing. Once companies examine their print environment, they want to manage it better.
Streamline print operations
Reduce vendor management and go from many invoices to one. Your accounting team will love it. Print is tracked and reported back to you quickly using Abacus, PPT ‘s MPS tool.
Upgrade print technology
Gain easy access to cutting-edge technology. We can flexibly change devices — by brand, format, and function — all without penalty. Instead of trying to sell you machines, PPT provides independent recommendations based on your unique print needs.
Eliminate capital expenditures
We eliminate the need for capital expenditures for technology, equipment, and supplies. Free up your capital for other business initiatives and improve your cash flow. Avoid purchases that could be obsolete in less than three years.
Reduce costs
Our consolidated reporting captures all printing costs in one report. Knowing how much you print gives you the information you need to lower costs. Enjoy predictable and clear monthly expenses. Eliminate hidden costs. Reduce energy costs.
Scale up and down
Easily scale your equipment capacity as your needs change, with no penalty fees. Why be encumbered by a three-year lease when your print needs will change over time? It’s almost certain you will print less with PPT.
Enjoy great service
Reduce IT headaches around print with our automated, proactive support. With hundreds of offices around the world, we have experts in most regions who can anticipate your needs and increase your productivity. Supplies are auto-replenished with just -in-time resupply.
Be green
A higher employee-to-machine ratio reduces energy costs. Rules-based printing reduces supplies and paper consumption.