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Leasing equipment can be a great option, especially if you’re the owner of small printing businesses and you don’t have a lot of surplus cash to buy all the machinery you need.

Leasing equipment may not be the perfect solution in every case, but for many small business owners it is the answer to staying on top of emerging printing technology, financing growth in the business, and testing out new services that will add value for your clients.

It also prevents excessive wear and tear on machines by allowing you to switch old printers for new ones every few years without a significant capital outlay. Printing equipment leasing can provide your shop with many benefits:

The oil baron J. Paul Getty is attributed with the quote “if it appreciates buy it, if it depreciates lease it” as his guideline to investment decision. For a guy that at one time was the richest living American, we probably should take his word for it.


Latest Technology

Leasing enables you to keep up with the latest technology without spending excess cash on equipment all the time.

New technology is a reality for every business today, but especially in the printing industry. In addition to expanding your product line and making it easier for you to fulfill your customers’ needs, new technology can give you an advantage over your competitors.

By leasing printing equipment you have the opportunity to try new equipment and discover if it will benefit your printing business, without a long-term commitment.


One of the biggest challenges that many small printing businesses face is securing the right financing for the printers and other machines that they need to expand your business.

 That’s where Direct Capital comes in—we can help you with a range of financing options, such as printing equipment loans, financing, and leasing. Printing equipment financing eliminates or significantly reduces maintenance and supply costs. 

You will also enjoy potential tax benefits when you lease printing equipment.

FlexPro Onsite
Partnership Program
Not your Average Lease

With our FlexPro program, you have full control and flexibility. With FlexPRO you have the ability to upgrade to the latest and greatest technology at any time, purchase at any time, or simply end the agreement and return the equipment, you can also add devices or software or if your industry or printing needs decrease, simply reduce your fleet or trade the current equipment for more affordable equipment and services. 

All products available with one vendor rather it be Cloud storage, PC’s, plotters, Copiers, scanners, smart boards, Corporate projectors and displays, or desktop printers we have you covered in all aspects of business IT solutions.

With FlexPRO you get Real-Time support and supplies monitoring, rules-based printing* and notifications. With our Support assistant software your entire fleet is monitored for any issues or errors with notifications sent to our support team or yours. Supplies monitoring also monitors your supplies levels and will also notify our supplies ordering department.

Cost Reduction
Live Tech Support
Payment Terms Available

Turn Your Printing Into Profit

With our automated print cost recovery*, reimbursable billing, or often called bill back, We turn your printing into profit! We can automate your job-based printing and customize your billing to the client and tie it into your accounting package.



What’s Included:

  • Delivery set up and training
  • All labor, parts, and support with a 4 hr response time
  • Unlimited 24/7 live tech support
  • All paper, inks, supplies including maintenance items
  • FREE shipping
  • Support and supplies assistant software with remote management real-time error and supplies level monitoring with notifications.
  • Always up program- If equipment goes down we will print for you at the same low rate.

*rules-based printing, bill back or reimbursable billing, and print retrieval is an add-on


Benefits of our Leasing & Financing Program


  • Not tied to any particular manufacture equipment or contact. upgrade or downgrade anytime.
  • All inks, toners, paper, support and supplies can be rolled into one easy low monthly bill
  • Included all your print and scan devices under one vendor with industry-leading experience. Wide format printer leasing, Office Copier leasing, Scanner leasing
  • Proven to reduce print cost by 30-40%
  • Little or no upfront cost
  • One vendor one bill
  • Pay for only what you use with the flexible billing at one simple low cost per click or square foot cost. If you print 500 pages one month and only 200 the next you only are billed for that amount in that month.
  • Tax breaks with full ability to expense all the cost, and no need to mess with section 179 or needing to depreciate the assets at the end of the year.


  • 30 Day out, yes you can opt out at any time just give us 60 days notice and buy out the solution ro we simply pick it up and billing stops.
  • No more overstocked and wasted supplies that expire and lose value costing business thousands per year. Let us monitor your inventory for you with same-day delivery when available.
  • Always up program- if in the unlikely event your equipment is ever down you have full access to our national network of print shops and reprographers at the same low FlexPro rate just send your files over we print them and send same day or next day overnight depending on location.
  • 12,24,36,48, and 60 month FlexPro payment terms with 30 day out available
  • With our software you have the ability to set up rules on what is allowed to print from workstations, i.e “don’t print E-mails in color” rule alone has proven to reduce color ink and toner cost by 30%*

FlexPro MPS & Equipment Rental

FlexPro - Month to Month With 60 Day Out

Professional Plotter technologies’ offers Wide format printer leasing daily rentals, weekly rentals, monthly rentals up to 60 months. 

Our FlexPRO programs is perfect for conventions and tradeshows, Construction jobs, conferences, and meetings, as well as out of state events.

Do you have a big project coming up with indefinite duration? Our FlexPRO program is also perfect for construction companies, Contractors, Print Shops and Short term job sites. Tell us what you need and we will create a rental program that is right for you!

FlexPro - Managed Print Service

FlexPRO Managed Print Services reduces the high cost of print, decreases your IT support burden, and facilitates access to innovative new print technologies. 

Implement an MPS program and FlexPRO MPS Manage Your Costs:

  • Improve your green practices, thereby reducing energy expenses
  • Set Rules to engage and restrict your workforce from printing unnecessary and wasteful prints
  • Create predictable monthly costs
  • Improve Support
  • Minimize IT support burden

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