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Introducing The All New Epson P7570 & P9570 12 Color Wide-Format Photo Printers

Epson SureColor P7570 and P9570 Review

Epson SC P9570 wide format printer

These new Epson wide-format printers are perfect for high quality Photo and fine art prints.


Printing out images is one of the best things that artists and photographers can do to help showcase and grow their business. Seeing your work in physical form is genuinely unlike anything else, and it beats just seeing digital representations of your work. Epson has been creating printers for a very long time. The new Epson wide-format printers should enable you to view your work in their most beautiful form. According to Epson, the 24-inch SureColor P7570 and 44-inch SureColor P9570 wide-format printers push the boundaries of what’s possible when it comes to printing and print technologies. Both of the new Epson wide-format printers have a brand new design and a completely new print engine. They also boast a lot of other new technologies that should help bring your images to life with ease. One of the most significant features is that both of these Epson wide-format printers both use the new Epson UltraChrome Pro12 pigment inks.

The new UltraChrome Pro12 pigment ink has the widest color gamut in its class according to Epson and will produce the deepest black on glossy media. The Violet ink channel helps the printers achieve 99% of of the PANTONE plus formula guide too. The new print heads feature over 9600 nozzles. This means these Epson wide-format printers are twice as fast as previous models (the P7000 and P9000). Their robust design which features a 4.3-inch color touchscreen should help simplify using these printers as well.

Both of the new wide-format printers are virtually identical apart from the overall size. The smaller SureColor P7570 and the larger SureColor P9570 are both twice as fast as the models that they are replacing. They also help promote a productive workflow thanks to their dedicated channels for matte and photo black inks. This improvement means that you can save time by not having to switch out inks. Other new features include improved black density and reduced differential on glossy and metallic media. More advanced media support for roll and cut-sheet media, and a new top-loading cut-sheet feeder and retractable catch basket.

Both of the wide-format printers were developed in conjunction with X-Rite. The P7570 and the P9750 both feature an optional in-line spectrophotometer for automated color management and verification checks. Surely with this in place, you’ll have no issues producing images that look just as you envisioned them. There’s no word on pricing or release dates just yet, but if you would like more information about either of these wide-format printers head on over to

From professional photography to proofing and graphic design, the SureColor P9570 was built from the ground-up to uniquely cater to the full spectrum of creative needs. Featuring all-new UltraChrome® PRO12 Ink, the SureColor P9570 captures every detail with unparalleled color brilliance2 and accuracy. And, with a new 2.6″ PrecisionCore® printhead, you get unmatched image quality at speeds up to 2.4 times faster than our previous generation.

Another great feature is the all new Simple User Maintenance improvement. This is huge and looks like Epson as finally listened to us and has improved print head longevity. Now users can do simple quarterly maintenance procedures like manually swab and clean the head with a new secret back door and these all new Surecolor P7570 and P9570 wide format printers allow for the user to preform a cap cleaning. The cap is one of the most important maintenance parts on a printer this is what cleans and keeps air out of the head. The ability to clean this area will most certainly prolong print head life.