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Industry Trends in Digital Printing Companies

Industry Trends in Digital Printing Companies

With the advancement of technology today, more and more avenues of services are digitalizing. This is true for the printing industry as well. The industry trends have shifted in recent years towards digital printing methods, and those who are stuck in past methods fall behind new technological advances.

Older methods like offset printing are used by various companies because they do produce higher quality prints than digital methods. However, this is due to the slower turnaround that these older methods have.

New trends aim to enhance efficiency, as in speed and quantity of the prints. This is why digital printing is so highly desired in many commercial printing situations. It has incredible turnaround time, produce large quantity or prints, and is overall a lot more affordable than offset methods.

Digital printing is quite simple. An image file is sent right to the printer, so it gets rid of all the in-between procedures other types of printing requires. The files that can be used can vary. The printer can read PDF files, standard image files, and other graphic files that result from image editing software. This versatility is just another reason why many printing companies favor digital printers, and why this method has been trending.

This method can be used to print any variety of signs, posters, magazines, books, brochures, pamphlets, etc. The quality, though is slightly less than that of offset printing, does depend quite a bit on the photographic paper the printing company will use. Higher quality paper can produce a print that is comparable in quality with that of an offset printed one.

As with any technological advancement, digital printing capabilities are constantly being improved. Soon enough, there will be a digital printer that will affordably print mass amounts of copies that are of a quality much higher than offset printing.