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ILS presents first HP Indigo 20000

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Brands now have the opportunity to radically change the way they go to market,’ said Jay Dollries, president and CEO. ‘With the new HP Indigo 20000 they are no longer limited to a 13in web width. Now they can print up to 29in wide, opening up so many possibilities.
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With the new format HP Indigo 20000 digital press, ILS expects to produce up to 80 percent of its customers’ flexible packaging applications, including those not previously addressable with digital printing technology because of size limitations. Now ILS can accept larger-sized flexible packaging work, producing stand-up pouches and three-sided sealed bags. It will also streamline the converter’s label production.
ILS installed its first HP Indigo digital press in 2005. Today the converter is armed with four HP Indigo 6600 presses, the new HP Indigo 20000, and various pieces of advanced finishing equipment. ILS says 60 percent of its revenue comes from digital work.
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