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High Quality Prints from 4K Video from Canon

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In terms of commercial photography there’s a variety of digital workflow tools you can use: Industrial Color’s globaledit for asset review and markup, Adobe’s Creative Cloud for immediate access to your projects—and of course—the stone-age method of mailing hard drives back and forth. Sure, you most likely work pretty quickly and it’s no question that each of these options are solid (except for maybe the hard drive scenario), but on the other hand you could always move faster, right?
On Aug. 18, Canon debuted MOMENTS—a cocktail event and kick-off celebration for the company’s From Light to Ink ad campaign—by Ori Media at the Made In NY Media Center in Brooklyn. With a demonstration by founder of Ori Media, Michael Ori, not to mention the MOMENTS video playing in a theatre, the intent of the event was to literally show the light to ink process by recording 4K video with a Canon EOS-1D C camera, ripping stills and then instantly printing high quality images with a large-format Canon imagePROGRAF (IPF 8400) printer.
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