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PPTC, In. Launches PrintViewPRO remote wide format printer management software

Professional Plotter Technology Corp, Now Offers Free Service for New Printers Purchased from Them

Professional Plotter Technology Corp, Inc. (PPTC) happily announced today that they will be offering PrintViewPRO, a free service for new clients that purchase wide format printers. “It will be absolutely free for all of our customers!” says Jason Ake, President.  PPTC believes they are the first one’s to provide this type of benefit to the wide format community.

PPTC is offering this service to help their consumers save money and energy, and it will also to prevent their customers from running out of ink, paper or other printer-related supplies. PrintviewPRO is able keep an eye on all make and models of wide format and office printers and copiers.

Jennifer Hass explained, “PrintViewPRO will allow us to monitor our customer’s whole fleet (if necessary) and it can also provide quick remote access to manage and resolve error messages.”  The software will prompt PPTC when ink levels fall below 20%, paper stock is below the set threshold and a printer throws an error code, allowing them to get the required supplies and/or schedule service calls before the customers even know there is a problem.

PrintviewPRO categorizes the print jobs based on ink coverage and gives simple rates for various print jobs, like monochrome and color line drawings, full-color photo and color rendering.  What does this mean for you?  Anyone can now have managed print, including photographers, graphic artists and designers.  Current and future Managed Print Service (MPS) customers will no longer have to worry about emailing monthly meter reads. PPTC will get the reads from your printer, and you can focus on more pressing matters.  PPTC will inform you when your device is almost running out of ink, or when another printhead is required or needs attention.

PPTC has the best support team in the industry!  They are passionate about print technology and they are always ready to assist their valued clients.  Clients need not worry about setup or installation, because the PPTC service department will install and set it up for you, for free.

PrintviewPRO is proudly presenting Value Print Pricing. It is the revolutionary way of structuring print contracts for wide format inkjet printers which do not quite fit the standard “click-count” model.





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