Concept To Creation

Photography Expo & Contest


The Blanton Museum

The Event

We are excited to bring some of Austin's finest Photographers together for an unforgettable night.

The Campaign

Concept To Creation is a campaign created and sponsored by Plotter Professional Technology.

At PPT we believe in the importance of owning the process from a freshly born concept to its full creation. Our mission behind this campaign is to encourage artist to print their work as well as educate them on the efficiency, savings, and pride that comes with in-house printing.

We're always available to help you with your next printing project and we have a huge selection of printers and fine art media that will do the trick.

Professional Plotter Technology Presents Concept To Creation
Adrienne Dever, Photographer
Photo: Adrienne Dever

The Contest

Submit your favorite original photograph below. Monthly winners win a large-scale print of their choice and advance to the finials for a chance to win a brand new Canon PRO 2000 24" 11 color Photo Printer valued at $2700, courtesy of Plotter Professional Technology! Monthly winners will be announced at the end of each month. Click below to learn more and submit.

Next Deadline: July 31st

Monthly Winners










Adam Voorhes, Photographer
Photo: Adam Voorhes

“Everything you can imagine is real”

— Pablo Picasso

PRINT. The Movement

PRINT. The Movement is an awareness campaign that helps consumers see the value in showcasing and preserving their lives or their families' lives with high-quality prints, albums, and all types of displays from professional photographers and photographic suppliers.

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