Color Management Services

G7 Certified by Idealliance

Professional Plotter Technology Corporation’s Analysts offer a wide array of consulting services to help customers assess, improve and implement standardized color managed workflows that address their unique color requirements.

  • Color Workflow Assessment
  • Profiling Services

G7 Master Qualification
Delivered by Canon Solutions America Production Systems Analysts, these fee-based services help customers assess the status of their color management environment through an on-site inventory and evaluation. Depending on the customer’s goals and the outcome of the assessment, customer’s may elect to purchase profiling services using COLORlynx COLOR Management Suite, i1Publish or G7 Master Qualification services.

Managed Print Service MPSColor Workflow Assessment
Profiling Services
G7 Master Qualification Services
Color Workflow Assessment
The Production Systems Analyst will perform a top level analysis of the customer’s print environment, including current state analysis of equipment, processes and applications. The assessment will include an evaluation of the customer’s current color management processes; a gap analysis based on jointly identified issues, barriers, or areas of improvement; and recommendations on how to improve the existing color environment. The evaluation may include recommendations for equipment, software, training of staff, or changes to desktop application settings or color management standards within the print environment based on the customer’s unique requirements. Additional customer specific color management services may be recommended, including profiling services or G7 Master Printer Qualification.
Top Reasons to buy
Discover the gap’s in color management in your print environment that cost you money, everyday.
Best Practices: partner with Canon Solutions America G7 Experts to close those gap’s, using industry best practices and the latest in technology.
Training: Many times the gap is a matter of training your staff in the latest best practices. Our G7 Experts provide benchmark training at a reasonable cost.
Lead Solution for customers experiencing difficulty with color management across multiple devices, or in a distributed print environment where the shared appearance of output across multiple color platforms is mission critical.

Services Designed for Your Success

Our services ensure the quickest realization of predictable color

Color Management and Proofing Training

Professional Plotter’s certified trainers can solve your color matching issues in no time, giving you accurate, superior quality results with minimal media waste and operator time.

Custom ICC Profiling Service

We offer custom ICC printer profiles for those who do not want to invest in a color management package. Best of all, it’s easy and fast!

X-Rite Process Training

X-Rite Certified Expert training and integration in G7 and traditional densitometric press color process control.

PANTONE® Hexachrome Consulting

Professional Plotter is uniquely qualified to resolve complex Hexachrome printing challenges through personalized training and Hexachrome proofing solutions.

Color Management Prices

Color Calibration Services

During the roll-out process, Professional Plotter Technologies Corp. (PPTC) will offer Customer advanced color calibration services for offices that require such services (i.e. high end marketing/proposal print needs).  These advanced color calibration services are as follows: PPTC and Customer will determine which of the offices require the following specialized color collaboration services. Once the training is completed, PPTC will provide the Customer with a training manual that would assist with future self -color management.


What is included



G7 Expert Fee

Includes a certified G7 expert to come onsite and Master Qualify a Professional Plotter Technology location. Includes travel, meals up to 2 days onsite.

2 Days


Monitor Calibration

Monitor calibration provides a screen display that emulates what will be printed on paper.

Each monitor takes an average 30 minutes to calibrate


Printer Profiling

Printer profiles tell software applications how to combine ink or toner on paper to create accurate color output.

Each printer takes an average of an hour to create a profile.


Scanner Profiling

Scanner profiling is the process of determining the precise color characteristics of a scanner so that both monitors and printers are able to accurately render what is scanned.

Each scanner takes approximately 10 minutes to profile


Education Presentation and Documentation

Presentation of color calibration techniques for employee knowledge and ongoing ability to maintain color in partnership with the local PPTC G7 Expert. Training materials will be included for future use.

One hour