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Xerox Color Upgrade Program

Wide format printing equipment

Whether you already own a Xerox® printer or multifunction printer (MFP) or are ready to trade up to Xerox value, we have a rebate program to make upgrading worth your while.

Find out if you qualify

  1. Your organization must be able to accept a mail-in rebate check
  2. Your existing device must be:
    • A single-function printer of any brand; a letter-size (A4) multifunction device of any brand; or a non-Xerox tabloid (A3) color multifunction device
    • In good working order
    • Able to print a start-up (configuration) page
  3. See the rebates below for any additional requirements

Xerox Color Upgrade Program for Heavy Color Printing Customers

Find the Xerox color device you’d like to purchase and see if your color printer has enough pages to qualify for the corresponding rebate.

Upgrade from:

Qualifying Color Device Pages Required on Existing Device Rebate Amount
Upgrade to: Pages Required on Existing Device
Xerox Color Printers
Xerox Phaser 6022 23,000 $125
Xerox Phaser 6500 33,000 $150
Xerox Phaser 6600 39,000 $225
Xerox Phaser 6700 104,000 $600
Xerox Phaser 7100 85,000 $700
Xerox Phaser 7500 133,000 $1,125
Xerox Phaser 7800 161,000 $2,000
Xerox ColorQube 8580 45,000 $250
Xerox ColorQube 8880 134,000 $1,125
Upgrade to:
Xerox Color Multifunction Printers
Xerox WorkCentre 6027 28,000 $150
Xerox WorkCentre 6505 39,000 $225
Xerox WorkCentre 6605 68,000 $400
Xerox WorkCentre 6655 69,000 $1,125
Xerox WorkCentre 8700 98,000 $1,125
Xerox WorkCentre 8900 255,000 $2,000

Use claim code XEROXUPGRADEQ216 and follow claim instructions below.

Xerox Customer Rebate

Don’t qualify for the Xerox Color Upgrade Program Rebate? Existing Xerox device owners (printer and letter-size multifunction in color or monochrome) get a rebate on a new Xerox printer, just for being a Xerox customer!

Xerox® Product Model Rebate
Color Printers Xerox® Phaser® 6022 $25
Xerox® Phaser 6500 $30
Xerox® Phaser 6600 $50
Xerox® Phaser 6700 $125
Xerox® Phaser 7100 $150
Xerox® Phaser 7500 $250
Xerox® Phaser 7800 $400
Xerox® ColorQube® 8580 $50
Xerox® ColorQube 8880 $250
Color Multifunction Printers Xerox® WorkCentre® 6027 $35
Xerox® WorkCentre 6505 $50
Xerox® WorkCentre 6605 $100
Xerox® WorkCentre 6655/6655i $250
Xerox® ColorQube 8700 $250
Xerox® ColorQube 8900 $500
Black-and-White Printers Xerox® Phaser 3260 $25
Xerox® Phaser 3320 $30
Xerox® Phaser 3610 $50
Xerox® Phaser 4622 $125
Xerox® Phaser 5550 $250
Black-and-White Multifunction Printers Xerox® WorkCentre 3215 $25
Xerox® WorkCentre 3225 $25
Xerox® WorkCentre 3315/3325 $35
Xerox® WorkCentre 3615 $100
Xerox® WorkCentre 3655/3655i $200
Xerox® WorkCentre 4265 $275

Use claim code XEROXCUSTREBQ216 and follow claim instructions below.

How to claim your rebate

  1. Purchase an eligible Xerox color laser printer or color multifunction laser printer from an authorized printer dealer or fromShop Xerox.
  2. Submit your claim online using claim code within 30 days of purchase.
    To complete the claim, you’ll need:
  • a start-up page for the original printer
  • start-up page for the new Xerox printer
  • the invoice for the new device.
  • Upon approval, Xerox will mail you a rebate check.


Offer available to US customers only. Not combinable with other back-end rebates or special pricing. Offer valid 4/1/2016 – 6/30/2016. See complete terms and conditions.

Xerox Trade-in Program

Don’t own a Xerox® device? Get a check for up to $610 (or up to 10% of ERP) when you trade in your non-Xerox device. To see how much you can earn, request an instant quote at

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Epson Rebates & Savings!

Buy Epson wide format ink online


The following instant rebates will be offered on eligible Epson SureColor T-Series Printers:


Instant Rebate Amount

Rebate Period

SureColor T3270

$500 IR

April 1 – April 30, 2016

SureColor T3270 Screen Print Edition

$500 IR

April 1 – April 30, 2016

SureColor T5270*

$750 IR

April 1 – April 30, 2016

SureColor T5270D*

$1,000 IR

April 1 – April 30, 2016

SureColor T7270*

$1,000 IR

April 1 – April 30, 2016

SureColor T7270D*

$1,200 IR

April 1 – April 30, 2016

Please note the following terms and conditions:

  • Rebates can change from month-to-month and only apply to purchases made within the stated rebate period.
  • The Epson promotion policy remains in effect and the Epson website includes the following statement to end-users:

To receive the rebate you must purchase the printer before the end of the promotional period from an Epson Authorized Professional Imaging Re-seller, like Professional Plotter Technolgy in Austin, TX. who has the printer in stock. Printers are sometimes in very short supply, so please check with your re-seller before you order to ensure it is available before the end of the promotion. If you place an order and the printer is not in stock by the end of the promotion, your dealer will allow you to cancel the order. If stock is expected at a later date, and there is a new rebate offer at that time, your dealer will assist you in reordering using the new rebate.

For more information, please contact your Epson Professional Imaging Regional Sales Manager.












The following instant rebate will be offered on select Epson Stylus Pro Printers:



Instant Rebate Amount

Time Period

Stylus Pro 11880 Standard Edition

$3,000 IR

April 1 – April 30, 2016



The following mail-in rebates will be offered on select Epson Stylus Pro Printers and professional media:


Mail-In Rebate Amount

Time Period

Stylus Pro 4900 Standard Edition

$200 MIR

April 1 – April 30, 2016

Stylus Pro 4900 Designer Edition

$300 MIR

April 1 – April 30, 2016

Media: Buy 3 Rolls of Legacy Roll
Media – Get Cost of One Back by Mail

MIR for the cost of one roll

April 1 – April 30, 2016



End-users must complete a Mail-in-Rebate form in order to receive payment.  The form will be posted on the Epson Professional Imaging website and Epson Partner Program Page.

Stylus Pro
4900 Standard Edition Rebate Form Click

Stylus Pro
4900 Designer Edition Rebate Form Click

Legacy Roll Media Rebate Form
Click Here

Please note the following terms and conditions:

  • Rebates can change from month to month, and only apply to purchases made within the stated promotional time period.
  • The Epson promotion policy remains in effect and the Epson website includes the following statement to end-users:

To receive the rebate you must purchase the printer before the end of the promotional period from an Epson Authorized Professional Imaging Re-seller, like Professional Plotter Technology in Austin, TX. who has the printer in stock. Printers are sometimes in very short supply, so please check with your re-seller before you order to ensure it is available before the end of the promotion. If you place an order and the printer is not in stock by the end of the promotion, your dealer will allow you to cancel the order. If stock is expected at a later date, and there is a new rebate offer at that time, your dealer will assist you in reordering using the new rebate.

For more information, please contact your Epson Professional Imaging Regional Sales Manager.










The following Instant Rebates will be offered on select Epson SureColor P-Series Printers :


Instant Rebate


SureColor P400 Standard

$100 IR 

April 1
– April
30, 2016

SureColor P6000

$350 IR

April 1
– April
30, 2016

SureColor P7000

$750 IR

April 1
– April
30, 2016


$750 IR

April 1
– April
30, 2016

SureColor P9000


April 1
– April
30, 2016

The following Mail-in rebates will be offered on select Epson SureColor P-Series Printers: 



Time Period


$50 MIR

April 1 –
April 30,

SureColor P600 Standard

$200 MIR +
$50 MIR

April 1 –
April 30,

P800 Stanard
Edition &
Screen Print

$250 MIR +
$50 MIR

April 1 –
April 30,

Media Buy:
Buy 3 Rolls
of Legacy
Roll Media –
get the cost
of one back
by mail

MIR for the
cost of one

April 1 –
April 30,

End-users must complete a Mail-in-Rebate form in order to receive payment. The form will be posted on the Epson Professional Imaging website and Epson Partner Program Page.

SureColor P600
Edition Rebate Form
Click Here

SureColor P800 Standard Edition, SureColor P800 Screen
Print Edition
Rebate Form  ClickHere

Legacy Roll Media
Rebate Form:  ClickHere

$50 Mail-In Rebate Loyalty Tradeup Form Click Here

Please note the following terms and conditions:

  • Rebates can change from month to month and only apply to purchases made within the
    stated promotional time period.
  • The Epson promotion policy remains in effect and the Epson website includes the following statement to end-users:


To receive the rebate you must purchase the printer before the end of the promotional period from an Epson Authorized Professional Imaging Re-seller, like Professional Plotter Technology in Austin, TX. who has the printer in stock. Printers are sometimes in very short supply, so please check with your re-seller before you order to ensure it is available before the end of the promotion. If you place an order and the printer is not in stock by the end of the promotion, your dealer will allow you to cancel the order. If stock is expected at a later date, and there is a new rebate offer at that time, your dealer will assist you in reordering using the new rebate.

For more information, please contact your Epson Professional Imaging Regional Sales Manager.




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Canon Expands imagePROGRAF PRO Series With Four New Models

Canon Expands imagePROGRAF PRO Series With Four New Models

Devices Aimed at the Fine Art, Photographic And Production Signage Markets

MELVILLE, N.Y. – Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced the expansion of the imagePROGRAF PRO Series with four large format inkjet printers. The extension of the Series includes the 11-Color plus Chroma Optimizer 44-inch imagePROGRAF PRO-4000 and 24-inch imagePROGRAF PRO-2000, designed to provide spectacular image quality for the fine art and photographic markets, as well as the eight-color 60-inch imagePROGRAF PRO-6000S and 44-inch imagePROGRAF PRO-4000S, two affordably priced models to economically create eye-catching posters and vivid displays for the production signage industry.

PRO-2000 PRO-4000 PRO-4000S
PRO-2000 PRO-4000 PRO-4000S

PRO-6000 PRO-6000S
PRO-6000 – Coming Soon PRO-6000S

Continuing to deliver output solutions for photographers who are “equally obsessed” with the printed image, the imagePROGRAF PRO-4000 andare 11-color plus Chroma Optimizer printers delivering the quality demanded by the fine art community. Complementing Canon’s professional line of DSLR cameras not only in their appearance, but also in their ability to create industry-leading imagery, these new models ensure a level of stunning Canon image quality from input to output, known as “Crystal-fidelity.” Mirroring the imagePROGRAF PRO-1000, the 11-color models are also marked by the distinctive Canon red line, echoing the same red line found on Canon’s EF L-Series lenses.

“From the time a photo is taken, to the time it is reproduced in print, imaging professionals require output solutions that accurately preserve the detail and vibrancy of that moment,” said Toyotsugu Kuwamura, senior vice president and general manager, Business Imaging Solutions Group, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “The new imagePROGRAF PRO Series models not only deliver an impressive and well-appointed design equal to Canon’s EOS digital cameras, but are also equipped with advanced technology features to faithfully reproduce high-quality photos taken by Canon’s EOS digital cameras with outstanding image quality.”

Outstanding Image Quality
The LUCIA PRO 11-color plus Chroma Optimizer ink system provides exceptional image quality, allowing for increased color gamut, reduced bronzing, improved scratch resistance, greater image clarity, gloss uniformity and excellent shadow reproduction, as well as increased black optical density. Compared to previous models, the Series features a wider print head (1.28-inch wide) with anti-clogging technology, which improves efficiency as well as reduces cleaning cycles and prevents wasted ink. This newly developed print head allows for a more compact printer design as only one print head is installed in each PRO Series printer. Additionally, all models maintain high print quality with a multi-sensor that calibrates the printer, ensuring color consistency from the first print to the last. They also feature a redesigned high-precision mechanical platform, providing a uniform, rigid frame to reduce vibrations during printing and more accurate ink ejection. The models also feature effortless media feeding capabilities, allowing photographers to no longer have to worry about blemished prints due to fingerprints.

High Productivity
For increased versatility, a Multifunction Roll System comes standard in the 60-inch eight-color model and is an option for the 44-inch and 24-inch models in the Series, marking its first appearance in a 24-inch imagePROGRAF printer. When used as a dual roll, the Multifunction Roll System will enable users to load glossy media in one roll and matte media in the other to seamlessly print to both rolls without needing to switch media or black inks. The Multifunction Roll unit will intelligently send the job to the correct media, automating the process and providing increased ease of use. The roll can also act as a take-up unit with bi-directional rewind, ideal for long, uninterrupted print runs.

All four new models feature the L-COA PRO processing engine for high-precision image reproduction and high-speed processing of high resolution data. The Sub-Ink Tank feature loved by users of the imagePROGRAF Series has been carried over to these new models, helping to reduce downtime and minimize costs by automatically enabling ink tank replacement during printing. The eight-color models utilize the same new 12-channel print head but the key colors of C, M, Y and MBk are arranged symmetrically in a mirrored arrangement, helping to realize high-speed printing, as well as high-color density.

Ease of Use
These new imagePROGRAF PRO Series models include several enhancements for increased usability, including a redesigned 3.5-inch color LCD touch panel, direct USB drive print capabilities, and mobile connectivity. Users can now print PDF and JPEG files directly from a USB thumb drive for fast and easy printing without the need for a computer. The 3.5-inch LCD will render a preview of the file to ensure users are printing the correct file. Additionally, Wi-Fi® (IEEE 802.11b/g/n) capability allows for smooth and easy connection to wireless LAN in office environments.1

User-Friendly Software
Further enhancing the user experience with these new imagePROGRAF PRO printers is the intuitive software solution of Print Studio Pro. With a focus on quality and ease of use, Print Studio Pro is a plugin for Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe Lightroom®2 and Canon Digital Photo Professional software, to easily exports files directly to the printer.1 The Quick Utility Toolbox feature provides users with a portal to launch and control software from one central interface, and Accounting Manager is included to help photographers keep track of consumable costs such as ink and media, helping users to determine their overall printing expenses. Also included is Device Management Console, an administrative tool which provides users with the means to manage up to 50 imagePROGRAF PRO Series printers by monitoring activity such as error messages and printer information such as the execution status of calibrations, all from one location.

These imagePROGRAF PRO models are expected to be available in late spring of 2016. The imagePROGRAF PRO-4000 is available for an MSRP of $5,995 or $6,995 with the addition of the optional Multifunction Roll System. The imagePROGRAF PRO-2000 is available for an MSRP of $2,995, or $3,795 with the optional Multifunction Roll System. The imagePROGRAF PRO-6000S comes standard with the Multifunction Roll System at a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $9,995. The imagePROGRAF PRO-4000S is available for an MSRP of $4,995, or $5,995 with the optional Multifunction Roll System. The previously announced PRO-1000 is available for an MSRP of $1,299.99.

Professional Plotter Technologies will have exclusive first access to these units and will offer them at great introductory prices and support. We will be providing FREE customer ICC Media profiles for these with our new FineTouch premium media line to ensure consistent color and perfect prints every time.

For more information, visit

About Canon U.S.A., Inc.
Canon U.S.A., Inc., is a leading provider of consumer, business-to-business, and industrial digital imaging solutions to the United States and to Latin America and the Caribbean (excluding Mexico) markets. With approximately $31 billion in global revenue, its parent company, Canon Inc. (NYSE:CAJ), ranks third overall in U.S. patents granted in 2015† and is one of Fortune Magazine’s World’s Most Admired Companies in 2016. Canon U.S.A. is committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction and loyalty, providing 100 percent U.S.-based consumer service and support for all of the products it distributes. Canon U.S.A. is dedicated to its Kyosei philosophy of social and environmental responsibility. In 2014, the Canon Americas Headquarters secured LEED® Gold certification, a recognition for the design, construction, operations and maintenance of high-performance green buildings.

To keep apprised of the latest news from Canon U.S.A., sign up for the Company’s RSS news feed by visiting and follow us on Twitter@CanonUSA. For media inquiries, please contact

#   #   #

† Based on weekly patent counts issued by United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Availability, prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Prices are set my dealers and may vary.

All referenced product names, and other marks, are trademarks of their respective owners.

1 Wireless printing requires a working network with wireless 802.11b/g or 802.11n capability. Wireless performance may vary based on terrain and distance between the printer and wireless network clients.
2 Adobe® Photoshop® and Adobe Lightroom® software must be purchased separately.

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PPTC, In. Launches PrintViewPRO remote wide format printer management software

Professional Plotter Technology Corp, Now Offers Free Service for New Printers Purchased from Them

Professional Plotter Technology Corp, Inc. (PPTC) happily announced today that they will be offering PrintViewPRO, a free service for new clients that purchase wide format printers. “It will be absolutely free for all of our customers!” says Jason Ake, President.  PPTC believes they are the first one’s to provide this type of benefit to the wide format community.

PPTC is offering this service to help their consumers save money and energy, and it will also to prevent their customers from running out of ink, paper or other printer-related supplies. PrintviewPRO is able keep an eye on all make and models of wide format and office printers and copiers.

Jennifer Hass explained, “PrintViewPRO will allow us to monitor our customer’s whole fleet (if necessary) and it can also provide quick remote access to manage and resolve error messages.”  The software will prompt PPTC when ink levels fall below 20%, paper stock is below the set threshold and a printer throws an error code, allowing them to get the required supplies and/or schedule service calls before the customers even know there is a problem.

PrintviewPRO categorizes the print jobs based on ink coverage and gives simple rates for various print jobs, like monochrome and color line drawings, full-color photo and color rendering.  What does this mean for you?  Anyone can now have managed print, including photographers, graphic artists and designers.  Current and future Managed Print Service (MPS) customers will no longer have to worry about emailing monthly meter reads. PPTC will get the reads from your printer, and you can focus on more pressing matters.  PPTC will inform you when your device is almost running out of ink, or when another printhead is required or needs attention.

PPTC has the best support team in the industry!  They are passionate about print technology and they are always ready to assist their valued clients.  Clients need not worry about setup or installation, because the PPTC service department will install and set it up for you, for free.

PrintviewPRO is proudly presenting Value Print Pricing. It is the revolutionary way of structuring print contracts for wide format inkjet printers which do not quite fit the standard “click-count” model.





Contact: Laura Penney
Company: Professional Plotter Technology Corp
Address: 3913 Todd Ln Suite 512 Austin, TX 78744
Telephone Number: 512-382-5912 Web Site:

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New Canon ImagePROGRAF MFPs now available!


New Canon ImagePROGRAF IPF770 MPF L36 and Image PROGRAF IPF670 MFP L24 Printers

imagePROGRAF iPF770 MFP L36

The Large Format Solutions Division is excited to announce the expansion of their award winning imagePROGRAF Large-Format Multifunction Printer line with the new iPF MFP L Scan-to-Copy/File series.  The two models that comprise the new L-Series are the 36-inch iPF770 MFP L36 and the 24-inch iPF670 MFP L24.  The new L-Series complements the current iPF MFP M40 imaging system line by providing a product that offers basic scan-to-copy capabilities at an affordable price.  Developed to be easy-to-use, the new L-Series Scan-to-Copy/File systems are expanding the market by putting Large Format multifunction capabilities within reach of small offices, low volume and entry level users.  Together, the two iPF MFP series give Canon an unrivaled breadth of large format scan-to-copy/file solutions.
The iPF MFP L-Series Scan-to-Copy/File systems have been designed for a new category of users.  This untapped market includes: those that may not have the expertise to use or need the sophisticated functions of the iPF MFP M40 systems, are currently outsourcing their scanning needs, do not think they have the budget for an MFP or do not have the room to install a large MFP system.   This opens up opportunities for a new customer base which includes: architects, engineers, subcontractors, and consulting firms whose volume might not justify the cost of current MFP systems;  Primary schools, secondary schools and colleges who can take advantage of  applications that range from curriculum based materials, classroom visual aids, fundraising and special events;  Small, professional businesses can benefit from the convenience of having an in-office device, available at anytime, is more economical than outsourcing and has simplicity of operation like that of copying machines.
Opening the market to new users also unlocks the possibilities for upgrade opportunities in the future.  The current iPF MFP M40 series has more functionality and is designed for a much wider range of applications.  Some of the differences between the iPF MFP M40 series and the iPF MFP L-Series include:

  • L-Series includes only printer and scanner (No PC or monitor)
  • L-Series scanners have a smaller range of document sizes & thicknesses
  • L-Series have no preview editing workflow
  • L-Series scanners have slower scan & copy speeds
  • L-Series have lower optical resolution
  • L-Series is available in 24”

These new additions to the MFP lineup are designed as an all in one integrated system, with the scanner connecting directly on the top of the printer.  The new scanners are lightweight, the L24 weighs 11.8 lbs and the L36 weighs in at 16.2 lbs making them easy to install and non-intimidating to the novice user.  The L-Series scanners utilize the same advanced SingleSensor Technology used in the current iPF MFP M40 systems which helps provide consistent color accuracy.  The simple and easy-to-use operation panel incorporated on the scanner offers user-friendly “Green Button” scanning and copying functionality.  The panel comes equipped with picture icons for easy identification of the scanner operations.

Scanner Specifications:

  • Embedded Scanner Controller
  • Color Mode: RGB (24-bit sRGB) and Grayscale (8-bit)
  • Scan Speed: up to 1 ips color, up to 3 ips Grayscale, (Draft Mode)
  • Scan Speed during COPY: up to 1 ips color, up to 3 ips Grayscale (Draft Mode)
  • 600 dpi optical resolution
  • Imaging scanning of 24” wide for the L24 and 36” wide for the L36
  • Max doc length: 50 inches
  • Document thickness: 0.07mm to 0.5mm to suit CAD applications
  • Input paper size:
    • Auto, ISO (A4, A3, A2, A1, A0),
    • ANSI (A, B, C, D, E)
    • ARCH (A, B, C, D, E, E1), Landscape/Portrait

Copy Functions:

  • Auto crop borders – removes 3mm border from scan
  • Number of copies – 1 to 9
  • Brightness- 0 to 3
  • Black point, White point – 0 to 3
  • Quality modes (scan dpi):
    • Draft (150 dpi), Standard (300 dpi), Best (600 dpi)
    • Note: Print dpi depends on paper type. DPI will NOT be listed to user
  • Scale 25, 35, 50, 71, 100, 141, 200, 282, 287, 400, 432

Scan to USB Functions:

  • Auto crop borders – removes 3mm border from scan
  • Brightness – 0 to 3
  • Black point, White point – 0 to 3
  • Quality modes (scan dpi):
    • Draft (150 dpi), Standard (300 dpi), Best (600 dpi)

Scan to Network (PC required – not included and not optional):

  • L Scan software allows documents to be scanned directly to a shared folder on a network

The printers included in this series are the imagePROGRAF iPF770 and iPF670 models that feature a 5-Color ink set which is ideal for technical applications, posters, and office signage.  This ink technology uses four highly colorfast dye inks for producing bold, expressive color, plus two channels of pigment matte black ink for printing precise lines, smooth curves, and small text on technical and office documents. Included is a reformulated magenta ink that helps produce a wider color gamut in the red and orange spectrums, compared to previous models. The printer’s sub-ink tank system allows for all of the available ink in a tank to be used before needing to replace it, helping eliminate any wasted ink. The empty tanks can also be replaced without stopping a print job.  A number of important built-in features help minimize ink consumption, media waste, and maintenance costs to help reduce total cost of operation. These features include Economy Print Mode for a low cost per print, auto-rotation, and nesting to minimize media waste.
Addressing the needs of a diverse range of users, Canon includes or makes available via download, software to help users create more productive and efficient workflows.  Direct Print & Share software is a cloud portal solution for file sharing and has a Shortcut Print feature that allows users to drag and drop files into hot folders on their desktop. Canon’s imagePROGRAF Print Utility mobile App helps facilitate wireless printing from an iPad® device.  PosterArtist Lite includes everything needed to create posters, signs and banners in just four easy steps. Print Plug-in for Microsoft® Office gives users the ability to print posters and presentations directly from Microsoft Excel®, PowerPoint® and Word®. With the Optimized Module for AutoCAD® users can print directly from compatible AutoCAD software products.  Accounting Manager allows users to track printing costs with a powerful set of job accounting functions and the Ink Purchase Notification feature in the status monitor allows your user to easily reorder ink from you.


Optional Software

PosterArtist at MSRP Pricing of $395 includes all the essential features customers need to easily create posters, signs and banners.  To make sharing simple, PosterArtist offers the ability to save posters including clipart and fonts. The files can be exported directly from PosterArtist to Canon’s imagePROGRAF Direct Print & Share cloud portal software for sharing between users



Item Number Description MSRP
9856B028AA imagePROGRAF iPF770 MFP L36 $5,995
9854B014AA imagePROGRAF iPF670 MFP L24 $4,095


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Copier sales position

We are looking for a new team member, please read the job posting and send over your contact information if you are interested. Send resumes to

Currently look for a copier sales rep.

You must have experience with Copier with MPS or CPC Sales of at least 3 years.


Innovative, growing, successful, Digital and IT equipment resell Company seeks a sales representative to promote their extensive line of products to all industries within the Austin, Texas territory (see Territory information in “Key Points” below). The company has an extensive line of products from HP, Canon, Epson, Xerox, Oki Data and all other major manufacturers. You will have a seasoned team, and a strong product development infrastructure with tons of leads and support.


Professional Plotter Technology Solutions Account Executives are business-to-business sales professionals responsible for selling a full line of office solutions including high speed digital copiers/printers, full color copiers/printers, Plotters, Dye Sublimation and Software; including but not limited to RIPS, Color Management Solutions and Managed Print Services.


Position Description/Responsibilities (Brief Overview)

  • Prospect and identify new account opportunities
  • Achieve targeted sales goals and objectives within the territory
  • Consult with clients regarding product benefits to their company, and ROI.
  • Develop ongoing pipeline of new business opportunities, provide sales status, territory forecasts
  • Daily use of CRM
  • Drive sales revenue and market share by managing a defined territory to achieve quota (Texas for current role)
  • Prospecting new clients through cold and warm lead generation. Presenting and selling digital office equipment and software solutions, including multi-functional products that copy, print and fax and scan and plot.
  • Work with clients to understand and identify their strategic vision, objectives and needs while aligning our products and services where business opportunities exist
  • Develop strong relationships with clients and deliver high levels of client care
  • Proposals, presentations, product demonstrations, coordinating the terms of the sale, and most client training
  • Additional duties and responsibilities as assigned

Key Points

  • Must have MPS experience
  • Call Points: All Business
  • Territory: territory encompasses the states of Texas, Ok, LA and more
  • Compensation: $45K base + commission (uncapped), $160K total annual at plan, lots of incentives-promotions for the aggressive sales person
  • $300 a month Car Allowance Cell Phone
  • Full-time, W2 position, benefits and Profit Share with 401K



  • Entrepreneurial experience and goal-driven focus
  • MPS, FM, rental, and CPC experience a must.
  • CRM experience
  • High level of Excel or Spreadsheet skills- A must for This position and MPS deals
  • Strong client-facing skills and effective selling to an executive, owner, and / or decision maker with a consultative approach for Managed Print Services
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Demonstrated fearless cold calling, prospecting, and closing of a sale
  • Ability to successfully work autonomously while demonstrating excellent time management skills
  • The ability to Cold Call to get clients
  • Someone that likes to Cold Call
  • Must be able to Cold Call
  • Did I mention Cold Call?
  • Have a fun attitude about winning and taking over market share in Austin


Qualifications to get a return call or email:

You will need to respond with reason why you are the perfect fit for this job also you must put in the subjet line of you response “Response for Copier sales position”


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Press Release- Seiko ColorPainter M-64s receives “Recommended Status” From FASTSIGNS

fastsigns of sanford seiko M64s testimonial



Seiko Instruments U.S.A., Inc. Receives FASTSIGNS Recommended Status for Seiko ColorPainter M-64s
FASTSIGNS Solvent Printer Evaluation Recommends ColorPainter M-64s to Franchisees
Escondido, Calif. – (June 25, 2015) Seiko Instruments U.S.A., Inc. announces its ColorPainter M-64s has
received a Recommended Status from FASTSIGNS technical services based on their printer evaluation
report released earlier this week. The ColorPainter M-64s is a powerful eco-solvent printer engineered to
deliver durable graphics with exceptional image quality at fast print speeds.
“Print quality on the ColorPainter M-64s is exceptional,” says the FASTSIGNS evaluation. “The ability to
get sellable signage at 356 square feet per hour is impressive. This includes solid colors and image
The ColorPainter M-64s printer delivers incredible speed for fast creation of sellable output; features
ultra-efficient operation for low running costs; and offers a smart, user-friendly interface that makes it
easy to operate and maintain. The M-64s features new 7-color eco-solvent inks that are low-odor and
provide a wide color gamut, vivid color saturation, and high-density output for dynamic digital print
quality. It includes a standard two-year warranty. All sales and service are provided by authorized
After comparing wide-format printers from several manufacturers, FASTSIGNS of Sanford decided to
purchase the ColorPainter M-64s. “We were impressed by its fast printing speed, high image quality and
other features that provide easy operation like the auto print adjustment,” explained Eli Vizcarrondo,
general manager of FASTSIGNS of Sanford. “The ColorPainter M-64s gives us a competitive advantage
and has increased our capability resulting in higher profits.”
The FASTSIGNS technical services team commented, “During our evaluation we printed on a wide variety
of media, from banners and adhesive vinyl to backlit and block out poly film. The printer performed well
during these tests and the results were consistently good.”
“The ColorPainter M-64s delivers unmatched productivity and quality,” says Fabrizio Soto, general
manager, Seiko Instruments U.S.A., Inc. “We have designed a special offer for franchisees provided by
Professional Plotter Technology Corp and other dealers we look forward to many years of success and partnership with FASTSIGNS.”
For more information on Seiko ColorPainter M-64s, visit or or
About Seiko Instruments U.S.A., Inc.
Seiko Instruments U.S.A., Inc. is the exclusive distributor throughout North and South America for Seiko I Infotech printing
technology products, including ColorPainter wide-format printers known for industry-leading print speeds and rich, saturated
color output. Customer service and support for ColorPainter printers is provided through an authorized network of
Seiko ColorPainter M-64s is a trademark of Seiko I Infotech Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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How to Choose the Correct Roll Laminator from Plotterpro



Wide format roll laminators come in all shapes and sizes, from varying widths, temperature settings, and application features.  Laminating serves endless benefits to preserving and enhancing media of all kinds.  Choosing the right wide format roll laminator for your projects is the first step in enjoying the benefits of laminating.

Thermal Hot Roll Laminating vs Pressure Sensitive Cold Roll Laminating

There are two types of application techniques for roll lamination, hot thermal laminating and pressure sensitive cold laminating.  Thermal lamination is the method of using heat to activate the glue on laminating roll films to seal and protect the material you are laminating.  Pressure sensitive laminating doesn’t use heat in order to laminate film but instead uses the pressure of rollers to seal the laminating film onto your media.  Laminating film used in pressure sensitive laminating is self-adhesive, similar to tape.

Thermal Roll Laminators Cold Pressure Sensitive Roll Laminators
Laminating Film to Use Often referred to as “standard laminating film” or “thermal laminating film”, use laminating roll film that requires melting in order to activate the adhesive Often referred to as “cold laminating roll film” or “pressure sensitive laminating roll film”, laminating film used in pressure sensitive laminating does not require heat because of its self adhesive characteristic, similar to tape
When to Use? Thermal laminating is best used when the material you are laminating will not be affected by the application of heat.  The laminator will melt the laminating film onto the material in order to seal and protect the media. Pressure sensitive laminating is best used when the material you are laminating is sensitive to the application of heat or high temperatures.  Cold laminators will press pressure sensitive laminating film onto the media using high pressure rollers.

Width Sizes

Wide format roll laminators generally come in width sizes from 15” to 65”.  Smaller sized roll laminators that can fit on a table are referred to as table top roll laminators.  Larger wide format laminators that are too large to be supported on a table often come with self supporting stands.

The width size of your laminator will be determined by the size of the media or paper you will be laminating.  It is generally recommended that you add 1 inch to 3 inches to your widest media you are going to laminate.

Examples of Finished Laminating Products

Laminating can offer numerous added benefits to many different kind of graphics and displays. Below are just some examples of graphics that laminating can enhance:

-Pop Up Displays
-Floor Graphics
-Window Graphics
-Presentation Boards
-Rigid Displays
-Flexible Displays
-Backlit Displays
-Vinyl Banners
-Outdoor Signage

Other Application Terms to Consider

Laminating – The application of laminating film to the face of a printed image in order to enhance color, contrast, and overall durability of the media
Mounting – The process of permanently or semi-permanently affixing a printed image onto a rigid substrate using a mounting adhesive laminating roll
Encapsulating – The sealing of a printed image, front and back, with a thermal laminating film. Also commonly referred to as thermal laminating. 

Film Core Sizes

Film core size is the size of laminating film cores a roll laminator can accept in its film supply shaft.  Wide format roll laminators use laminating roll film that generally come in either 1” cores, 2.25” cores, or 3” cores.  Film core size refers to diameter of the cardboard roll the film is wrapped around.  Roll laminators will specify compatible film cores in its specifications.  It is important to know and select the correct film core sizes for your laminator to ensure that the film you purchase will correctly load onto the roll laminator.

Film Thickness and Mounting Options

WIde format Roll laminators will specify the mil film thickness it can laminate.  Roll laminating film mil thickness ranges from 1 mil – 10 mil.  Certain roll laminators will have the option to laminate thicker material, such as foam boards, up to a certain thickness.  Roll laminators can laminate materials anywhere between 1/2” to 1” thick, depending the laminator specifications.

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Samsung ECO Driver Cuts Toner Use by up to 20%

The easy ECO Driver software, granted the 2012 Outstanding Achievement in Innovation Award from Buyers Laboratory (BLI), can save users up to 20% on toner. Users have the option of removing images, converting them from bitmap to sketch, removing emboldened text and a bevy of other features, all designed to reduce toner wasted on unnecessary prints.
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