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Shop the Newest Canon Wide Format Printers

Better Ink from Canon Lucia EX Printers

Why Choose Canon Wide Format Printers

Canon Solutions America offers state-of-the-art large-format color printing solutions designed with exceptional speed, flexibility and quality. With four distinct lines of printers; 12-color for the Photography and Graphics markets, 8-color for the Production market, 6-color for the Infographic and Poster Printing market and 5-color for the Technical Documents and General Use markets, Canon Solutions America has a large format color printing solution to fit your needs.

Their large format printers include many technological advances including a one-inch print head with 15,360 nozzles, an L-COA print processor, as well as workflow printing software. With printers ranging in size from 60-inches to 17-inches, Canon Solutions America has the large format printing and scanning equipment for your application.

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Canon Lucia Inks

But, what is it about the LUCIA EX inks that make them so special? First of all, LUCIA EX inks are pigments not dyes. Here’s the difference:

Pigment inks are made of microscopic solid particles that are suspended in a liquid. These encapsulated particles actually bond to the surface of a paper or substrate.
Dye inks are water soluble. Dye ink is simply absorbed into the fibers of the paper. Because of the aqueous nature of dye inks, they will bleed if the printed paper becomes wet.
There are many advantages to using a pigment inks over dyes. Pigments are much more water resistant. Also, pigment inks will not fade like dye inks will. Oxygen in the atmosphere and ultraviolet light both play havoc on dye inks as well.

Canon Quality & Speed

When you purchase your wide format printer from Canon Solutions America you also get support from our team of knowledgeable large format printing professionals. We have expert sales, service and support teams dedicated to the wide format printing market – to help you meet your current business needs and to provide professional support to help meet your future goals as well.

Canon Service – Our service technicians are formally trained through a customer focused technical training program.
Canon Support Services – Our Technology and Software Support organization provides 24/7 self-help web support, telephone assistance via a Help Desk, software maintenance contracts and a full range of customer training options.
We carry the latest Canon Imaging Supplies – A wide range of large format media from printer paper to specialty films, all backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.