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What is F-Stoppers?

When it comes to the amount of photography terms, tricks and tips, it can be easy to get lost and confused—especially if you are an amateur or casual photographer. Today, it’s time to dive into what F-stoppers is—and no, it is not reffering to f-stops, which is a technical terms.

F-stoppers is an online organization for photographers of all levels. Whether, you’re a causal photographer or a highly professional one, this community is a hub for all things photography.

F-stoppers features a feed of photography-related articles, containing everything from industry news to helpful tricks and methods you might want to try out yourself.

Beyond its feed of photography articles, F-stoppers has a catalog of premium photography tutorials you can flip through on the site and shop from the comfort of your own home.

These tutorials offer helpful tips for different types and styles of photography, such as architectural photography, fashion photography, landscape photography and many more. You can brush up on Adobe Lightroom or learn how to work your wedding photography.

As if all of these valuable features weren’t enough, F-stoppers also hosts various community groups. On the site, you can skim through the work of your fellow photographers and share industry secrets, tips, and updates.

You can join all sorts of groups like the Glamour Photography group, the Before & After-Post-Production group or even the Nude Art Photography group. Whatever your interests may be or wherever your skill sets resides, you can totally find a group on F-stoppers.

Beyond group-based interactions, you can connect with individual members through the community forum. Connect with fellow photogs from all over the world and share your passion.

If you have even a passing interest in photography, is a worth a visit. If you’re not careful, you can get totally lost in it!

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Own The Process: Why in-house printing is integral to owning the process

It’s no secret that printing can be quite pricey, which is why many photographers turn to third parties to process prints. For many photographers—both amateur and professional, the thought of dropping major money on an at-home printer is a daunting option, and therefore many end up continuing to send their work off to printing centers instead.

But did you know that in house printing is an absolutely integral element in owning the process? First of all, owning the process essentially refers to retaining your creative control and direction over the entire process—from the moment you snap a picture until the moment you grab it hot off the printing tray.

When you send off your work—work that you have more than likely spent hours sifting through and editing—to an out of house printer, you no longer totally own the process. Basically, you lose the critical time in which the prints are electronically sent over and formatted for print. You do not get to make sure everything is exactly how you intended for it to be, and you do not even get make sure you actually like the finished product.

For these reasons, in house printing is the production method you need to be following. After all, you took the shot and did all of the hard work that comes with getting that perfect snap so why would you hand over your perfect bundle to someone else to physically produce?

If the cost is still a deterrent for you, you should know that investing in an at-home printer will actually be way less expensive in the long run. Sure, it hurts a little bit when you have to front a large amount of capital for a machine, but when you do the research, it quickly becomes clear how in house printing is far superior than any other option—both financially and creatively speaking.

So if you, as a photographer of any level, want to completely own your process from start to finish, and to have total creative direction in order to make your vision come to life, you absolutely have to begin in house printing.

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OKI ColorPainter M-64 wide format printer helps wide format customer with amazing backlit signage

OKI ColorPainter M-64 wide format printer helps wide format customer with amazing backlit signage

Learn how the Oki data/Seiko ColorPainter M-64  is helping @Pr1maryColor keep their reputation for quality.

The Oki Data ColorPainter M-64 is the leader in it’s class and price point. The Colorpainter M64 is the fastest, most color accurate, and deepest blacks on the market under $30K