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  • HD Ultra X 6050

    Contex HD Ultra X 6090

    Sale! $14,495.00
    • 2 yr on site warranty
    • Worlds fastest scanner
    • CCD-technology
    • 17.8 ips in RGB color
    • 1200 dpi
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    Contex HD Ultra X 6090 ScanStationPRO

    Sale! $14,995.00
    • 2 year on site warranty
    • Worlds fastest Scanner
    • CCD-technology
    • 17.8 ips in RGB color
    • 1200 dpi
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    Contex iQ 24 MFP REPRO


    Turns HP, Canon, Epson and Oce printers into large format scanners
    color scanning
    save money on professional scanning

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    Contex IQ 24 MFP2GO


    1200 dpi optical resolution
    24 inches wide

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    Contex IQ 44 MFP REPRO


    Turns large format printers into scanning solutions
    44 inches wide
    color scanning and copying
    1200 dpi
    touch screen
    compatible with HP, Canon, Epson, & Oce

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    Contex IQ 44 MFP2GO


    Converts HP, Epson, and Canon brand large format printers into high resolution MFPs.
    Full optical RGB scanning at 1200dpi
    1GB memory
    44 inches wide

  • Contex IQ Flex flatbed scanner

    Contex IQ Flex

    Sale! $5,495.00

    With Netimage 4.0 repro software and 2 yr on site

    The large flatbed surface, fast scanning speeds and ultra-flexible design makes the Contex IQ FLEX the perfect solution for the demanding user. Protect fragile originals by placing them gently on the scanner bed or utilize the flexibility to scan books, textile, wood, original artwork or anything you would like to transform into digital content. The IQ FLEX is the most flexible flatbed in the market and can even scan up to A1/D-size documents.

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    Contex IQ Quattro 4450 ScanStationPRO

    Sale! $6,395.00
    • 44″ Color scanner with CIS technology
    • Scan Station PRO stand
    • 21″ touch screen Monitor
    • Key Board tray and PC mount
    • Nextimage 5 REPRO
    • 7 ips in 200 dpi RGB Color and 13 ips black and white
    • 1200 dpi
  • IQ Quattro 4450

    Contex IQ Quattro 4490 44″ large format Color Scanner

    Sale! $6,265.00

    IQ Quattro 4490 Large format scanner Bundle

    • IQ 4490 Scanner
    • Floor stand with basket
    • Netimage 5 Repro software
    • 2 year warranty
    • Fast, crisp and sharp scans of regular and over-sized documents
    • Fit for multi-site network
    • Scan speed up to 14 in / sec in Mono and in color with Sigma and CFR
    • CleanScan – provides leading image quality
    • Gigabit Network
    • Magnetic document guides
    • Using only 0.5W in standby
    • Recovery from standby in just 1 second by simply loading the document
    • Cloud Enabled
  • Contex IQ Quattro X 3620 large format scanner MFP Bundle

    Sale! $5,295.00

    New Contex IQ Quattro X 3620 color wide format scanner MFP Bundle with 36″ Contex IQ 3620 Color wide large format scanner, stand, software, and 2 year warranty. Just add any wide format printer and you have a full color copy solution that will Print, Scan, Archive, Copy, and Scan to email with a small single all-in-one footprint. Professional Plotter sales all brands of wide and large format scanners for the best price and best service. We are Contex authorized servicing dealer.

    IQ Quattro X 3620 36″ 1200 dpi CIS color scanner, 14.0 ips mono, 4.0 ips color, 1 GB
    Push/Pull network connection, Nextimage Repro, MFP stand, 20″ touch monitor

    What comes in the bundle:

    • New Contex IQ 3620 WIde format scanner with License
    • Adjustable MFP stand
    • 20″ Touch Screen Monitor
    • NextImage Repro full feature software for editing, scanning, copy, and Archiving Full lifetime license included
    • 2 Year warranty
    • Built In Networking
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    Contex SD 36 MFP REPRO


    36 inches wide

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    Contex SD 36 MFP2GO


    36″ lightweight large format scanner for converting HP, Canon, Epson large format printers into MFPs

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