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The Technology Inside: Inkjet Print Heads

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In many ways, inkjet print heads are among the most innovative and visionary technologies of our time. For professionals and consumers alike, inkjet printing technologies have made producing full color high quality photographs, documents and fine art reproductions easier, cleaner and more affordable.

At the time, the invention of inkjet printing represented a significant departure from concepts behind most other forms of printmaking. Before the advent of inkjet print heads, most other printing methods required the application of ink directly onto paper with a printing plate or printing blanket that carried ink to make a physical impression on the surface of the paper. This need often meant that printing presses were large, messy and expensive.

As an alternative to conventional direct printing techniques, early developers of inkjet printing realized that near-microscopic drops of ink could be “sprayed” onto paper in a controlled manner to produce images on demand. The drops of ink are so small that are each one is almostinvisible to the human eye, yet when arranged algorithmically by the millions into patterns on paper (or other media) these tiny drops of ink can compose breathtaking photorealistic images, intricately detailed schematics and spectacular works of art.

One of the characteristics of inkjet printing that makes the technology truly revolutionary is the elimination of direct contact between the print head and the surface of the media on which an image is being produced. By eliminating the need for direct contact between a printing plate and paper, the inventors of inkjet printing opened the doors to easier, cleaner and lower cost printing on a wider variety of paper and media types.

So what’s inside an inkjet print head and how does it work?

The anatomy of the modern inkjet print head is comprised of a tiny chamber where ink is fed and an even smaller nozzle out of which the ink is ejected by force, as needed, one drop at a time. This method, known as Drop-On-Demand (DOD), enables a high level of control over the rate and placement of ink drops to produce high quality and high-resolution images.

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HD iFlex Flat out amazing Deal!

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A2/C-size flatbed Up to A1/D-size originals

Creativity and productivity without compromise

The large flatbed surface, fast scanning speeds and ultra-flexible design makes the Contex HD iFLEX the perfect solution for the demanding user. Protect fragile originals by placing them gently on the scanner bed or utilize the flexibility to scan books, textile, wood, original artwork or anything you would like to transform into digital content. The HD iFLEX is the most flexible A2/C-size flatbed in the market and can even scan up to A1/D-size documents.

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EPSON Stylus Pro 7890 Printer

EPSON Stylus Pro 7890 Printer

EPSON Stylus Pro 7890 Printer standard version dynamic and professional S / W color printing. This incredible machine can handle any type of media; Roll or cut leaves up to 24 inches wide. A collection of the latest technologies, printer, to offer the best quality photos, graphics, signage and art.

In the heart of the Epson printer Epson is an expression 7890 Standard Edition, one inch wide, eight channels with 360 nozzles per channel MicroPiezo TFP print head. Works in conjunction with UltraChrome K3 vivid magenta system eight colours of high-density pigment is, including design new, green and orange. This inkjet printer high-performance Epson 7890 offers the possibility to offer printed catchy inspire certainly impressionable. The combination of a very broad spectrum, information on exceptional shade, good contrast, deep and soft shades can offer only the best quality of image.

Technology of three-layer black:
* At the same time with light black, black and black ink light
* Improvement of grey at the same time eliminate the particular colorcasts
* Precision the great shadow of pointe for a variety of colors in soft grayscale
* Eliminates virtually all foundations of pigment of tanning chemistry
* Improved ICC for ColorSync ® and ™ Prozessworkflows ICM profiles
* Black ink automatic mode switch

Both are matte and photo black ink cartridges:
* According to the nature of the environment or automatically printer driver settings
* Switching can be done automatically or provide a warning before continuing
* Design of high-performance print head ensures a quick change with a minimum consumption of ink
* Automatically optimal ink ensures density, black, regardless of the type of media used
* Management of media professionals

Compatible with almost any roll or cut sheets and 24 to 44 cm wide:
* Download carton thick 1.5 mm appropriate partition supports
* All media are right severity by a single road medium
* The printer driver and the printer identification system and media based multimedia synchronization and almost spotless
* Media am certainly captured much prints up to 24 “X 36” or 42 “x 36”
* Automatic compensation for the production system unattended running of large wheels (only SP9890) optional

* Rollers or plates up to 24 ‘ wide
* Vibrant magenta UltraChrome K3 Ink System
* Ink cartridge individual 9 ml 700 ml
* Photo and matte black ink of letters
* Shop by media technologies ePlaten
* Average installation without spider download
* Control technology Automatic nozzle
* Support for automatic cutting system rotation
* Default and USB 2.0 10/100 BaseT Ethernet
* Control the color of 2.5-inch large panel LCD/64

Contains: 7890 oversized injection of inkjet printer Epson, in addition:
* Launch of 9 cartridges X 110 ml
* 2 x 2.0 “/ 51 mm base adapter.
* 2 x 3.0 “/ 76 mm base adapter.
* Tank maintenance
* Power cord
* Printer stand
* Ingestion of am
* CD
* Installation Guide
* Shows media
* Authorization document
* 1 Year warranty / Epson preferred plan of protection

An ingenious innovation in the arsenal of the Epson printer oversized is a black ink automatic switching system. This system is a huge improvement over the manual switching system to previous models that were heavy and difficult to manage. Now you pass ink photo black and matte black; The result is optimum black ink density regardless of the type of media that uses with a minimum consumption of ink. Taking into account a printer of this size offer an excellent 2880 x 1440 dpi, the EPSON Stylus Pro 7890 Printer best all able.


 ~ By Jason Ake

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Epson T5000 36” wide format printer

Epson T5000 36” wide format printer takes to generate only 28 seconds to an A1 expression in draft mode on plain paper and with a range of 700, 350 and 110 ml of ink cartridge sizes provides optimized operating costs.

This printer is very easy to use, that companies have no special training. All orders are automatically Mats black ink and photos on the page of coverage and the toggle. The Media Summit and pressure that results on the front is carefully stacked in a container, tired. Piece of paper in the remains of cylinder is easy because the media bar code printing.

EPSON SC-T5000 is easy to install and integrate easily in most production environments.

XD ink Epson Ultra Chrome specially developed for the production of lasting impressions of high quality with deep blacks, a variety of colors and crisp 0.02 mm, Epson clarity in every detail, sharp and narrow lines with a minimum width of scalable technology Stagonidioy offers and offer optimal performance for large areas of color.

Help, the impact on the environment to reduce, uses water-based inks and ENERGY STAR Epson T5000 36” wide format printer qualification for excellent fuel efficiency.

Efficient: Print on normal paper A1 16s.
Finance: Selection of sizes of cartridges.
Easy to use: From the front.
Easy to install: easy to set up.
High quality: 0.08 mm minimum thickness.

Features and benefits of Epson T5000 Sure Color:
* Printer Epson, the T5000 faster class of the printing speed of only 25 * Seconds of D size and plan up to 110 parcels per hour.
* Extreme precision of production with resolution up to 2880×1440 dpi.
* 4 Dye light continuous ink.
* Print head EPSON Microscopic TFP revolutionary®.
* Professional media management plain paper up to 1.5 mm thick cardboard.
* Color size D countries in just 25 seconds and upward to 110 d land per hour.
* Beginning of 0,018 mm minimum thickness.
* The exact location of ± 0,1%.
* Precision printing technologies drive XD for machining in detail at high speed.
* New Ultra Chrome inks with higher intensities XD filling for a bright color even on cheap paper shelf life.
* Reporting of a year free on Epson had preferred plan protection.

Precision, Performance and Brilliance:
Initially,it was a thing clearly. Ink Epson has developed a new designer, is not unique. No there is on Epson. And is one of the engineering company of precision on the most revered in the world personally. Design and technical specifications for printers Epson SureColor from scratch with the inspiration of certified engineers is Epson T5000 36” wide format printer more appropriate needs of engineers.

The new Printer was is created from Epson T5000 36” wide format printer SureColor technologically more performance in imaging, precision print head EPSON Microscopic TFP® and the new ink EPSON Ultrachrome® XD- pigment. New printer Sure Color T5000 can be the way you write your next great idea.

This printer 4 colors is ideal for applications where the speed and economy of vital importance, pressure of the architectural designs and drawings, maps, presentations, posters and labels. Designed to perfectly in the environment office, Epson T5000 36” wide format printer characteristic, elegant style, a compact design and low noise and run to enable the front to position properly against a wall.


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Epson T3000 24” CAD / General Office Printer

Epson T3000 24 CAD  General Office Printer

New autumn than 2012- Epson T3000 24” CAD / General Office Printer A1 is ideal for applications where there are two and the speed of the economy is key, as the printing of drawings, maps, presentations, fixed posters and some POS Have stylish, small footprint Epson T3000 24” CAD / General Office Printer, low noise level and working from the front to allow positioning against a wall.

Helping to reduce impact on the environment, the Epson T3000 24” CAD / General Office Printer uses water-based inks and is qualified by ENERGY STAR for its excellent power efficiency.

Whats in the box:
* Main Unit
*Set up Guide
* User manual CD
* Driver and Utilities CD
* Power cable
* Individual Cartridges.

More efficient and economical:
Epson T3000 24” CAD / General Office Printer gets only 28 seconds to produce a project of printing on paper, but to cover normal operation A1 & amp, supply cost be optimized by selecting 700 ml, 350 ml cartridge 110 ml ink or forms of operation. They are able to adapt to different sizes, so if you print always in Mono, you can install a black 700 ML for the containment of costs, A simple return program can easily you recycle your Epson ink cartridges.

Easy to install and use:
This printer is very easy to use that the actors do not need special training. All the controls are on the front and black ink, photo Matt passes is automatic. Wall Media ideal powered into the final prints on the front, this stack carefully in a basket again draft does not appear anywhere else. The amount of paper supervision is left on the roll is simple thanks to the bar code, printing media, perfect if you want switch between types of media.

Ease of installation:
Epson T3000 24” CAD / General Office Printer is easy to install, a HP-GL emulation mode provides a simple implementation in most production environments.

Results of high quality:
Impressions of the Epson Ultrachrome ink developed specifically for the production of high-quality and durable XD with deep blacks, a wide range of colors and clean lines, with a width of at least 0.01 mm. Stagonidioy extensible technology Epson gives clarity detail while offering optimal performance for large areas of color, this technology has also produced one of the highest levels of quality in project mode so it is more acceptable quality of project real estate market.

Removable media:
Epson T3000 24” CAD / General Office Printer is flexible enough to print in a range upholstered and not within 2″or 3″, the only basis for a machine of the CAD who also can print to 105 mm Board, can you print presentations directly with tables that are ready for immediate viewing. You can also meet some external programs in a short period of time.

Bolls and reduced environmental impact:
Help to reduce the impact on the environment, the Epson T3000 24” CAD / General Office Printer uses water- pigmented ink and provides exceptional energy efficiency ENERGY STAR page.

Epson T3000 24” CAD / General Office Printer is so easy to use that operators do not need special training. All controls are at the front and switching between photo and Matte black ink is automatic. Media is fed in at the top and the finished prints emerge at the front, stacking neatly into a basket. Tracking how much paper is left on a roll is simple thanks to media barcode printing.


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Epson SureColor F6070 44" Dye Sublimation Printer


Epson SureColor F6070 44

With a capacity of 720 × 1440 dpi on the primary transport, the paper quality is never a problem. This is the first printer sublimation in its class, the main ingredients are designed and manufactured by a single company. Epson SureColor F6070 44″ Dye Sublimation Printer is durable and versatile with the ability to withstand various forms programs of. Sublimation printers Epson F-series is used to the production of quality soft display, sporting goods, clothing, accessories, custom promotional products and other special news.

The new F-series uses the print head MicroPiezo TFP™ SureColor Epson, which already in the market of the sublimation is know. Aqueous ink Epson UltraChrome DS is a newly developed, which produces images with breathtaking and rich colors, deep blacks and smooth color gradations. Textile printing is also an excellent exposure to light by F SureColor SC series printers and product washing resistance and abrasion resistance and easy welding.

Also put in place and the new Epson, the new sublimation transfer ink paper which is designed specifically for the new Epson SureColor series F. two types of transfers with the launch of the first printers F series available is cut high low-tack Epson glue and dedicated fabric and sew clothing. Other special Epson paper is a document templates of the versatile which are ideal for a variety of applications, including the use of rigid or flexible surfaces, including T-shirts, pottery and mouse pads. These two documents is a single chemical shift a load more heavy ink and provides superior color. Roll of 44 cm and 64 cm and 328 metres long.

Finally comes the Epson SureColor F with the Wasatch SoftRIP series run printer. F6070 contains the full version of SoftRIP with a simple configuration that allows users to print the prescription right out of the box.

“If you are looking for a print sublimation of high quality, supported by the accuracy and expertise of Epson and support products, Epson SureColor no more long F6070 44″ sublimation printer.”

Epson SureColor F6070 44″ Dye Sublimation Printer, developed from the ground for the industrial production of work, all day, every day designed and offers a wide range of functions, including:

* All new Epson UltraChrome inks for sublimation exceptional transfer made DS.
* Print quality photo with a resolution up to 720 × 1440 dpi.
* Revolutionary developed with ink Epson UltraChrome DS does that print head Epson.
* MicroPiezo TFP (not with other ink system).
* The daily production of extraordinary speeds up 682 SFPH.
* High – reliability is supposed to operate 24/7.
* Ink cartridges high capacity rechargeable for more productivity.
* wasatch SoftRIP includes workflow Software®.
* One year warranty with registration of the product.

Printhead Epson MicroPiezo TFP: Print head and inch wide, high 720 nozzles per color ensures efficient, accurate and reproducible and excellent image quality. Low vibration meniscus shape and position very accurate; the coating meets ink technology to reduce clogging of the nozzle and specially optimized for dye sublimation ink, to improve the life of the print head.

Epson UltraChrome ink: Ink Epson DS exclusive technology offers extreme sublimation series CMYK color with vibrant color, black intense, sharp edges, smooth gradations; Extremely fast drying provides the time and with the new ink low total cost of ownership refill packages offer.

Wasatch SoftRIP: Two F-series models include the Wasatch SoftRIP can begin printing out-of-the-box user market. Epson SureColor F6070 44″ Dye Sublimation Printer contains a full version of SoftRIP with controls powerful print, workflow and intuitive to Setup.