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Airwolf 3D Showcases $2,295 AW3D HDL Base Model Professional 3D Printer at 3D Printer World Expo

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Airwolf 3D, a designer and manufacturer of high-performance 3D printers for professional-grade applications, is showcasing its entry-level AW3D HDL professional 3D printer ($2,295 MSRP) for the first time at 3D Printer World Expo here today.
Complementing the company’s exhibit, Airwolf 3D co-founder and chairman, Erick Wolf, will address “The Complicated Intersection of 3D Printing and IP Law” with Paul Banwatt at a conference seminar on Friday, August 22, 2014 at 4:00 pm. According to Mr. Wolf, 3D printing introduces a new set of intellectual property challenges. “The technology allows almost anybody to produce real world objects of their own design, or the designs of others,” he observed. “It poses questions as to the traditional boundaries of copyright, trademark and patent law, and when combined with 3D scanning, enables reverse engineering.”
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Unveiled last week, the AW3D HDL 3D printer delivers the same award-winning quality and technical support as the company’s high-end 3D units, but without the technically advanced features. However, the HDL’s modular design allows users to gradually add these capabilities as needs and budgets dictate.
“Our new entry-level professional-grade HDL 3D printers are ideal for educators, professionals and resellers desiring a 3D printer that meets their needs without breaking their budgets,” Mr. Wolf stated. “We developed it in response to customers asking for a high-quality unit at an aggressive price point. The only difference between it and our most advanced 3D printer is the absence of technically advanced features, which can easily be added over time.”
Airwolf 3D is noteworthy in that it uses its own 3D printers to replicate themselves nearly 24/7 at the company’s headquarters. Not only does this maintain quality control, it enables Airwolf 3D technicians to seamlessly evolve and improve the machines. The process also acts as quality control (QC) to ensure the 3D printers perform flawlessly over long periods of continuous use.
Additional 3D printers in the AW3D lineup include the HD ($2,995 MSRP), HDx ($3,495 MSRP) and HD2x dual extruder printer ($3,995 MSRP). The latter two print engineer-grade materials including polycarbonate, Bridge nylon, and Nylon 645.
About Airwolf 3D
Airwolf 3D is committed to manufacturing high-performance 3D printers that are fast, affordable, durable and easy to use. All 3D printers are made in America, manufactured in the company’s 12,000 sq. ft. facility in Costa Mesa, Calif. Currently, Airwolf 3D printers can be found in engineering firms, government agencies and schools worldwide. For more information visit, telephone (949) 478-2933, email, or visit the company’s showroom at 130 McCormick, Suite 105, Costa Mesa, CA 92636 for a free demonstration.
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